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Fifty Readings in Philosophy

By: Abel, Donald C.

Price: $89.96

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages:

Seller ID: SKU1201374

ISBN: 0072818867

Condition: New

The Metaphysics (Great Books in Philosophy)

By: Aristotle; McMahin, John H.

Price: $6.63

Publisher: Prometheus:

Seller ID: SKU1201022

ISBN: 0879756713

Condition: Very Good

World Philosophy: An East-West Comparative Introduction to Philosophy

By: Blocker, H. Gene

Price: $8.20

Publisher: Pearson:

Seller ID: SKU1201394

ISBN: 0138620121

Condition: Very Good

Philosophical Problems: An Annotated Anthology

By: BonJour, Laurence; Baker, Ann

Price: $11.32

Publisher: Longman:

Seller ID: SKU1201388

ISBN: 0321236599

Condition: Very Good

Experimental Methodology

By: Christensen, Larry B.

Price: $95.95

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon:

Seller ID: SKU1188903

ISBN: 0205393691

Condition: New

Existentialism: A Reconstruction, 2nd Edition

By: Cooper, David E.

Price: $39.33

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell: 1999

Seller ID: SKU1201387

ISBN: 0631213236

Condition: Very Good

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

By: Gladwell, Malcolm

Price: $6.63

Publisher: Back Bay Books: 2002

Seller ID: SKU1201773

ISBN: 0316346624

Condition: Very Good

Socrates' Way: Seven Keys to Using Your Mind to the Utmost

By: Gross, Ronald

Price: $8.93

Publisher: TarcherPerigee:

Seller ID: SKU1201411

ISBN: 1585421928

Condition: Very Good

A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes

By: Hawking, Stephen

Price: $10.94

Publisher: Bantam:

Seller ID: SKU1191658

ISBN: 0553346148

Condition: Very Good

The Tao of Leadership: Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching Adapted for a New Age

By: John Heider

Price: $15.96

Publisher: Green Dragon Publishing: 2005

Seller ID: SKU1201030

ISBN: 0893340790

Condition: Very Good

Meditations (Dover Thrift Editions)

By: Marcus Aurelius

Price: $4.17

Publisher: Dover Publications:

Seller ID: SKU1191367

ISBN: 048629823X

Condition: New

The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God, Love, Sex, and the Meaning of Life

By: Nicholi, Armand

Price: $7.03

Publisher: Free Press: 2003

Seller ID: SKU1202569

ISBN: 074324785X

Condition: Very Good

A Nietzsche Reader (Penguin Classics)

By: Nietzsche, Friedrich

Price: $7.17

Publisher: Penguin Classics: 1978

Seller ID: SKU1202498

ISBN: 0140443290

Condition: Very Good

The Trial and Death of Socrates: Four Dialogues (Dover Thrift Editions)

By: Plato

Price: $9.76

Publisher: Dover Publications: 1992

Seller ID: SKU1204275

ISBN: 0486270661

Condition: New

Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues

By: Ruggiero, Vincent

Price: $20.77

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages:

Seller ID: SKU1201379

ISBN: 007283188X

Condition: New

Core Questions in Philosophy: A Text with Readings (4th Edition)

By: Sober, Elliott

Price: $39.05

Publisher: Prentice Hall: 2004

Seller ID: SKU1201400

ISBN: 0131898698

Condition: Very Good

Archetypes of Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy, Cloth Edition (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac)

By: Soccio, Douglas J.

Price: $10.55

Publisher: Cengage Learning:

Seller ID: SKU1197991

ISBN: 0534605583

Condition: Fair

The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy (with Source CD-ROM)

By: Solomon, Robert C.

Price: $75.27

Publisher: Cengage Learning:

Seller ID: SKU1201377

ISBN: 0534625509

Condition: New

Ten Theories of Human Nature

By: Stevenson, Leslie; Haberman, David L.

Price: $8.20

Publisher: Oxford University Press:

Seller ID: SKU1201408

ISBN: 0195169743

Condition: Very Good

Fundamentals of Philosophy (6th Edition)

By: Stewart, David; Blocker, H. Gene

Price: $9.76

Publisher: Prentice Hall:

Seller ID: SKU1201375

ISBN: 0131930028

Condition: Very Good